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Tumi Album El Salao
Los Soneros del Caribe
Reinaldo 'Ray' Carreño

Song about loosing women, job, and not finding a solution.

Tumi Album El Salao
Sabroso Casao
Orquesta Son Bukaro
Hernando Vásques

The singer says he is a hype black guy and even though his wife is married, he considers himself single, and likes really all women, including his wife's mum

Tumi Album El Salao
Orquesta Los Rebeldes
Ramon Chaverra

In this cumbia, his loved one has gone away but still, reluctant to accept it, tells friends and family that she's gone travelling but their relationship is still happening. Pleads for her to come back

Tumi Album El Salao
Checo Acosta y su banda
Checo Acosta

Take the tissue from your face because at your age most girls have kissed already. Stop crying and do something about it, is what tries to say

Tumi Album El Salao
Cumbia De La Soledad
Checo Acosta y su banda
Hugo Molinares

Fast cumbia about being lonesome

Tumi Album El Salao
The Big Martin Band

This song is a version -or reminds- of Don't Cry for me Argentina. The lyrics are truly strange since seems to mix different languages or dialects -Portuguese, Spanish, Creole..

Tumi Album El Salao
La Famosa Prueba
Amina y Su Grupo Sol Caribe
Merizalde Albericci

Very good vocal performance by Amina. The song is a cumbia played in a peculiar way. It says yes, you can have me but must marry me first

Tumi Album El Salao
La Chica Senacional
La Sonora Caribe
Edilberto Guerra

Cumbia song with arrangements of classic rock&roll. It says, my girls is sensational!

Tumi Album El Salao
Amor Vuelve
Zanzibar Show
Ulises Hermosa

A lambada song with beautiful female vocals that beg for her love to come back. This is by the same Bolivian writer Ulses hermosa which wrote llorando se fue which became known as Lambada and one of the greatest hits in the world during 80's.

Tumi Album El Salao
El Combo de Oro

Cumbia about how evil is this woman, because of her tremendous charm

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