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Tumi Album Conga tu Carnaval
A paso de conga
Hermanos Bravo
Esteban Matute

A fast tempo and upbeat typical Cuban carnival track, the musicians play saxophone, drums and guitar with African percussion among other instruments and everybody dances behind them. Hermanos Bravos is a Legendry carnival band.

Tumi Album La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
Al Ritmo de la Banda
Candido Fabre y su Banda
Cándido Fabré

"Al Ritmo de la Banda"A fast tempo son played with a charanga format. This has the zest of a fresh custom made cocktail. The lyrics are about moving around the world and always somebody keeping an eye on their safety.

Tumi Album Baila mi Son
Ven a Bailar el Cha Cha Chá
Afro-Cuban All Stars and Juan de Marcos González feat. Felix Baloy
Cándido Fabré

Medium fast tempo , Come to dance Cha Cha Cha, written by Candido Fabre and sang by Felix Baloy with the Afro-Cuban all stars.

The illness of hypocrisy' is a song with a few afro-Cuban stars.

"Ven a Bailar el Cha Cha Chá", "After tonight" is a Son and rhythmic, sparkling and seductive. Felix Baloy's voice marks him out as one of Cuba's finest soneros. Baloy has been one of the key vocalists in the Buena Vista Social club project.

I am who's got the feeling' is a son with Felix Baloy's husky voice.

Tumi Album Bana Congo
Kin Havane
Papa Noel feat. Papi Oviedo, Cristina Azcuy Garcia, Andrés Sosa Revé and Miguel Martinez Rojas
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium fast tempo Congolese Rumba with Cuban tres. Night and day, everyday I'm wondering what I have done to you. The human heart does not deserve this..vocals in Lingala and chorus in French, performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa noel and Papi Oviedo.

Tumi Album Bana Congo
M Bonge
Papi Oviedo and Papa Noel feat. Wuta Mayi
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium tempo rhythmic Congolese style Rumba song with Cuban influence - very rhythmic, melodic, sweet and sensual. Percussion, tres, tribal backgrounds, male vocals and female chorus, plenty of instrumental breaks between guitar and tres. Someone's pain will end. Everybody will get it.....I still don't feel fear..

A Cuban Salsa melody, Fast song that says 'I am not giving you anything' because at the moment 'I don't have anything myself anyway

lyrics- witty-you'll get nothing from me

happy, dance, uptempo, fun, exciting, party,horns bass guitar, tres,male vocals.

, performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
El Beso
David Alvarez and Juego de Manos
Efrain Rios

An upbeat merengue "The Kiss" has a fantastic melody with exciting arrangements and pristine performance. With the vibrant energy of a sparkling new generation, David Alvarez offers irresistible song with the infectious sounds of the Caribbean rippling through it.

Tumi Album Fuego en la Maya
Cumbia para las Mujeres
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Eduardo Morales Orosco

A medium tempo Cumbia. You cannot leave your lover at home. You must take her out and party with eat..and have fun together. It is a spicy and sexy melody with the male vocal of Tiburon.

Tumi Album Guaracha-Son
El Que la Hace la Paga
Orquesta América feat. Alfredo Caballero and Joseito Gonzalez
Jorge Machado

El Que la Hace la PagaIs a beautiful son that shows how the traditional Cuban music is a mixture of several strong musical traditions.

"Yo no Camino Más" I dont walk no more' Is a beautiful son that shows how the traditional Cuban music is a mixture of several strong musical traditions.

El Que la Hace la Paga A beautiful 'Guaracha' with marvellous flutes, enchanting violins, meaty piano, expressive double bass and vibrating percussion played by Orquesta America.

Tumi Album Cafe Noir
Latin Reverie
feat. Papa Noel
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium fast instrumental melody. This is an extraordinary instrumental Latin rhythms track in which Papa Noel takes you through a journey to Latin America. From Cuba to Mexico and from Mexico to Uruguay and all with a flavour of Congolese soukous.

Tumi Album Caral
Ayuthaya, The plane tree
Quimantu feat. Mauricio Venegas-Astorga

Medium tempo, Ayuthaya, The Plane Tree: Opening with evocative Thai air played on solo harp the track moves into a contrasting Celtic jig underpinned by gently galloping Latin waltz rhythms, featuring harp, panpipes and charango, culminating in an exhilarating finish.

Tumi Album Vallenato
Fredy Sierra and Eligio Vega
Eligio Vega

A medium fast tune "Lucy" - This vallenato talks about Lucy, a girl that left to the city of Santa Marta and never returned. Vallenato played with accordion sound and incorporates dance rhythms from the Caribbean coast

Tumi Album La Rica Cosecha
Rezo a Oya
Celina González
Celina Gonzalez

A fast-tempo Santeria Music ,Prayer to Oya' one of the Cuban-Yoruba gods. Mercy may be granted by god, it says. Vocal performance by the queen of Guaracha Celina Gonzalez

Tumi Album Right on Time!
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble feat. Edgar Villarroel
Bernardo Pla

A medium tempo Cumbia unusually played with big bands using a traditional accordion - at times it sounds jazzy but the rhythm never changes throughout the song.

Tumi Album Cha Cha Charanga
Se La Ganó
Orquesta Aragón feat. Rafael Ley
Rafael Lay Jr and Armando Amezaga

A medium tempo Cha Cha Cha from Cuban legendary band Aragon. Violins and string instrument are the trademarks of Orquesta Aragon and Cha Cha Cha.

Tumi Album Noche de la Rumba
Échame Carta
Clave y Guaguanco
Gustavo Cabanas

A slow tempo "Santeria" Rumba with powerful percussive and vocal harmony - guaguanco, bataguanco and catumba with poetry, flamenco and powerful singing achieving a real revelation in Yoruba.

Tumi Album La Máquina Musical
Vengo por tí
Son 14 feat. Salvador Llorens
Vicente Napoles Destrade

"Vengo por tí"A slow tempo romantic Ballad with the big sound backing of the legendary Band Son 14. It is slow and melancholic love song..laid back and romantic. The main lyrics are about...coming for you...

The seductive vocal of Salvador Llorens and the big backing band makes this song one of the best Boleros ever leave Cuba.

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