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Tumi Album Breathe
Del Miedo
Yusa feat. Haydeé Milanés
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

This track features a slow melancholic feeling sang by Yusa and Haydee.

A wonderful collaboration between young Cuban diva Yusa and Haydee, the talented daughter of New Song movement icon Pablo Milanes. Taken from Yusa's second album, 'Breathe' (TUMI CD 131), this vital artist with her eclectic breadth of sound moves ever forward, revealing 21st century Cuban music to be a vital mix of exciting ideas as well as cheeky and witty.

Fear: Theme of slow tempo. Stylish swing is done using the bass, piano, trumpet, and two voices. It's a romantic theme that it is precisely the fear felt by a couple who just realize that unites a love and are trying to make the change and then not really do not realize that the only thing to do is win this time they have to love it now because the future is totally unknown and will only pass the time and if in the meantime we continue with the excessive love for each start.

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