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Tumi Album Baila mi Son
Después de Esta Noche
Afro-Cuban All Stars and Juan de Marcos González feat. Felix Baloy
Felix Baloy Valdes

"Después de Esta Noche", "After tonight" is a Romantic ballad - rich and rhythmic, sparkling and seductive. Felix Baloy's voice marks him out as one of Cuba's finest soneros. Baloy has been one of the key vocalists in the Buena Vista Social club project.

I am who's got the feeling' is a son with Felix Baloy's husky voice.

Tumi Album Lamento Negro
La Guillermina
Susana Baca
Pablo Neruda

A soulful Afro-Peruvian melody about nostalgia for the past adolescence.

The delicacy and beauty of Susana Baca's voice makes her one of today's most popular Latin American singers. She is renowned as an interpreter of contemporary Afro-Peruvian music, the intimate lando and samba rhythms of her country.

La Guillermina is one of the Pablo Neruda poems, thee famous Chilean poet.

Tumi Album Bana Congo
Papa Noel
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium slow romantic ballad and appetizers put you on the road for the great experience that lies ahead. The song is about a girl called Juliana and her love is making the other party crazy. It is a Rumba/ Congolese Ballad romantic, cheek to cheek happy sound, rhythmic, guitar, tres, soulful sweet male vocals.

performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo

Tumi Album Tambor en el Alma
Canción al Mejor
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Chucho Valdes and Nene
Sergio Lago

A song dedicated to Benny More and with Chucho Valdez on piano,Jovenes Clasicos del son and the voice of "Nene".

An homage to the legendary Cuban artist Benny More, the 'King of the bolero' and a master of the son genre.

"Your song inspires feeling, your voice blends with the wind, making your music eternal?"

Maestro Chucho Valdes stars as guest piano player, giving this track a great 50s feeling.

Tumi Album Bolero
Si te Contara
Omara Portuondo
Felix Reina

"Si te Contara", Sweet bolero with fantastic vocal performance, violins, melodic piano and accompanying double bass, calm percussion and flute.

The bolero was born in the Cuban city of Santiago during the second half of the 19th century, rapidly spreading through the Caribbean and the rest of Latin America. It is based on Spanish songs, French romantic ballads and also has Italian influence. This song is taken from a series of 4 CDs recorded by Tumi with Orquesta America and some of the legendary musical figures of Cuba in 1996. The Buena Vista superstar Omara Portuondo's voice has the outstanding ability to master any style of bolero and delivers a great version of Felix Reina's classic tune.

Tumi Album Noventa Anos do Samba
Boa Noite

Dedicated to the early evening when romatic ballads and appetizers put you on the road for the great experience that lies ahead.

At 90 years of age, José Bispo Clementino dos Santos, aka Jamelão, has recorded yet another chapter of the Brazilian history of popular music with the release of '90 Years' (Tumi CD 130). In the 1950s he became the first singer of Mangueira, Rio's largest samba school, where he interpreted some of the most famous samba tunes. He is regarded as the best known carnival singer of all times. Jamelao is also a prolific composer; 'Boa Noite' is a classic romantic ballad sung with great feeling by its author.

Tumi Album Mais Uma
Are you sleeping? (Remix)
Katia B
Katia B, Suba and BiD

Chilled sounds, hip hop resemblances, a modern Brazilian voice, with a superb production.

Brazilian singer/composer Katia B. has pioneered a rare and intoxicating blend of bossa nova, hip-hop and oriental music with electronic fusion. She has developed a sensual and exotic signature and is equally at ease singing in her native Portuguese as she is in English, experimenting with bilingual tracks like: 'Are you sleeping?'. Her first Tumi release (Tumi 132) is an exciting mixture of styles, accomplished with authority and elegance.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 8pm
Nandy Xavier
Tony Prmio and Getulio Mala

Soft bossa ballad.

A pioneer of the 'Black Bossa Nova' project - started by producer Cleber Camargo -, Nandy is one of a new movement of Afro-Brazilian musicians that interpret bossa rhythms, traditionally the realm of white artists. His firm voice enhances the theme and adds a new dimension to the genre

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 8pm
Bom Dia
Leny Andrade
Altay Veloso

A nice bossa song about commencing a new day.

Leny Andrade is universally recognized as the foremost singer of Brazilian Bossa Nova. She became popular in the 60s through her appearances at the Bottle's Bar in Copacabana, Rio. She has been refining the art of interpreting the songs of composers like the late Tom Jobim, her close friend and the 'Father of Bossa Nova' to Altay Veloso, who wrote 'Bom Dia' especially for her.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 8pm
Adriana Godoy
Adylson Godoy

Dedicated to the early evening when romatic ballads and appetizers put you on the road for the great experience that lies ahead.

Adriana comes from a musical family led by her father Adylson, an accomplished piano player and composer. Her warm and seductive voice brings her into the forefront of a new generation of Brazilian divas that draw their influence from Maria Bethania, Maria Creuza, Elis Regina and Gal Costa, founders of the Brazilian Popular Music movement.

Tumi Album El Corazon del Pueblo
Los Masis
Roberto Sahonero

A slow tempo Andean instrumental soothing tune, mellow and slow, with a haunting melody which touches the depths of the soul like nothing else. Los Masis are true cultural ambassadors and a superbly talented group of Bolivian musicians.

Tumi Album Cubania
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Lazaro Rosabal

A slow melody sung by Eduardo Morales, " Tiburon", whose ingenious grace and sly improvisations distils the essence of Cuban music. This song is about nostalgia and the fact that each time he returns to his land he feels special...

Tumi Album Encuentro entre Soneros
Arcoiris de amor
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Lazaro Blanco Kindelan

Witty and bucolic, Papi Oviedo's songs show a deep love for the traditional son of his country, Cuba. This is a slow, sweet Bolero.

Papi Oviedo began to play professionally in the 1950s and over the years has developed a distinctive style, which relies on simplicity and space for its effect. Today he is widely regarded as the world's leading tres guitar player. Cristina Azcuy is undoubtedly one of Cuba's greatest female singers of the son genre, whose voice is flavored with passion, sentiment and happiness. Her style and energy is rooted in the Afro-European traditions of Cuba.

Tumi Album Pilgrimage to the Andes
Miner's Mass - A People's Prayer - Surtierra Canto de Bienvenida
Quimantu feat. Rachel Pantin
M. Venegas-Astorga

Beautiful Christmas and Easter religious mass. Andean song with the passionate vocals of Mauricio Venegas.

Quimantu take their name from the native Mapuche people of Chile, and that is reflected in their music, which is true to their resilient roots and has a strong sense of style and identity. Surtierra is a haunting melody featuring traditional Andean instruments and subtle arrangements

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