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Tumi Album Pare Cochero
Encuentro entre soneros
Gloria Matancera
Lazaro Blanco Kindelan

A upbeat tempo melody. This classic Cuban band that once featured the legendary Celia Cruz celebrates its 77th birthday with an exclusive recording for Tumi in Havana, (Encuentro entre soneros" Meeting of soneros). It was produced by Grammy winner Joaquin Bentancourt and uses today's technologies to enhance the big band ballroom swing of 1950's Cuba. The song is in celebration of all Soneros gathering together and sing together. Composed by lazaro Blanco for Papi Oviedo y Su soneros.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
Cuatro Palabras
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
Federico Baena

A slow beat sad ballad track.With the vibrant energy of a sparkling new generation of Cuban musicians David Alvarez and Juego de Manos offer irresistible songs to listen and to dance to with the infectious sounds of the Caribbean rippling through them.

Tumi Album Canto a la mujer de mi pueblo
Llorando se fue
Ulises Hermosa

The original melody of "La Lambada", here at an earlier, slower version, with the full lyrics in Spanish.

The word K'jarkas stands for 'strength' in native Bolivian Aymara language and their strength lies in the sheer variety of their musical repertoire.

Their music is a blend of Andean folk ballads and songs with a political message. They stand against cultural colonialism and for the development of an authentic Native American identity. Llorando se fue is the original version of the huge international hit La Lambada. Composed by the band founders, the Hermosa brothers, this is a beautiful melody representing the superb song writing skills of its authors.

Tumi Album Breathe
Una Vaca y una Foca
Manuel A. Rodríguez, Descemer Bueno and Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

Prelude: Short Piece toddler playing mid-tempo song ... using guitar, voice and sound environments child

2. A cow and a seal: Children's Song. Mean time, as a kind of bossa nova. Using guitar, drums, bass, fender rhodes, congas, pandeiro, harmonica and vocals ... tells the story of two animals that live in two different elements such as water and earth ... in this case a cow and a seal who fall in love and try to find a possible place where you can love ... in this song were in the dream of a child who had these two animals as pets and slept with them ... made them inseparable pair ... also speaks of how one must be consistent with what you want and feel ownership of the universe that is open to all and where ever, even a little, there will be a light where you can be happy now.

Tumi Album Que Linda es mi Cuba
Dame tu amor Guantanamera
Eduardo Saborit feat. Saborit
Cándido Fabré

A medium slow tune. This is Cuban country music at its best, with a great rendition of a popular Candido Fabre song, with traditional arrangements and wonderful instrumentation.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 10pm
Caracao Tonto

Beautiful modern Brazilian song, with soft and sensual female vocalist who sings 'you left my heart dumb'

This young Brazilian artist is part hip-hop, part future cabaret and all Rio. Her melodious alto is very seductive and feels equally at home in Portuguese as she does in English. Her mixture of traditional and futuristic styles feels natural, open and joyous.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 10pm
Mama Africa
Chico Cesar
Chico Cesar

A beautiful reggae-forro-samba song about Mama Africa,In Chico is greatest hit of all times.

Chico Cesar was born in Paraíba, in the rural Northeast of Brazil. He was the seventh son of a farmer and laundress and went to a church school where he learnt to play the flute and guitar, and developed his musical instinct. Over the last few years, he has gone from complete unknown to being one of the most in-demand songwriters and performers in Brazil and becoming well known in the international world music scene. With its mix of reggae and Bahian rhythms, and a strong political and social message, 'Mama Africa' became a national hit overnight and signaled the arrival of a new force in Brazilian music.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 10pm
Saint Denis-Ceara
Mona Gadelha
Valdo Aderaldo and Celso Gutfriend

A sensual Brazilian song that flows easily for soft dancing or listening to at any time.

Mona has gone back to her native Brazil after a spell in Paris, where she performed in many festivals and recorded her first album. St. Denis-Ceara is an allegory to the nostalgia she felt for her homeland during her Parisian exile. A sweet chill-out tune to relax in the lounge bar.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 10pm
Pagode da Tia Coca
D. Yvonne Lara and Jorge Aragao

A pagoda, a type of music that is sang by many people at the same time, really letting the party spirit flow.

Pagode is the basis of samba, the national rhythm of Brazil. It is performed by big bands (samba schools) during carnival time and is guaranteed to get everybody in the dance floor for hours!

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 10pm
Vanessa Bumagny
Vanessa Bumagny

An original bossa, rare and special in the way it is performed and composed, with beautiful female vocals.

Vanessa was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, of Portuguese and Russian parents. She had a classical background and sang Mozart in a church choir at school. She was drawn to the country music of NE Brazil and started a forro (popular music from that region) band in the 90s. She also collaborated with Chico Cesar (whose powerful track 'Mama Africa' features in this album) and went on to develop her unique style of 'salsa-bossa', as shown in 'Tranquilamente'.

Tumi Album Cubano Soy
De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy
Candido Fabre y su Banda and Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

"De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy" A medium slow classic song by Candido Fabre 'I come from Cuba and I am Cuban, I come out of Cuba and to Cuba I am going'.

Tumi Album El Corazon del Pueblo
Orgullo de mi Tierra
Los Masis
Roberto Sahonero and Fabricio Uribe

Inspired Andean song from Bolivia by Los Masis, a culturally involved collective from the Yampara culture.

Los Masis are more than a superbly talented group of musicians. They are the ambassadors from the Masis Cultural Centre in Bolivia. The Centre was set up by grassroots organizations to infuse much needed artistic life back into isolated rural and urban working class communities. Music is a central part of the organisation's work giving it the prominent place it deserves in daily life. This music from the heart of the people is bound to touch the heart of the listener.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 2: Afro-Cuban
Merceditas Valdes
Public Domain and Traditional

A slow-temp afro- melody. Osain is the owner of all colours. He has only one (right) foot and one (left) arm. He does, however, have two ears: one large ear which hears everything and one small ear which still hears a lot. Hie is a very close friend of Chango. This is the only song in the cd that has other instruments apart from drums. It is a not common song, a rare piece.

The grand dame of Cuban folk and popular music, Merceditas was born in La Havana in1928. She began her career in the Corte Suprema del Arte workshops, then turned to Afro-Cuban material and gave demos for Fernando Ortíz's lectures on African roots. She belonged to the artistic staff of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. This song is dedicated to the African deity Osain, the god of magical and medicinal plants

Tumi Album Fruta Bomba
La Flor y la Hoja Seca
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Nene
José A. Nicholás

"La Flor y la Hoja Seca" IS A Slow-tempo bachata /son played with the fresh energy of Jovenes Clasicos del Son.

In the mid 1990s, a group of talented young musicians got together with the common aim of rescuing the classic but rather forgotten Cuban son. They managed to restore the freshness and authenticity of that genre with the style and line-up of a traditional septet featuring double bass, guitar, tres, congas, trumpet, percussion and vocals. It a about love which like a leaf when it dries out comes to nothing.

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