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Tumi Album La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

A medium tempo fusion of Reggaeton and son. This is Candido Fabre's great hit "La Habana Quiere guarachar contigo"....Havana wants to have fun with you...

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
El Beso
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
Efrain Rios

An upbeat merengue "The Kiss" has a fantastic melody with exciting arrangements and pristine performance. With the vibrant energy of a sparkling new generation, David Alvarez offers irresistible song with the infectious sounds of the Caribbean rippling through it.

Tumi Album Pido
Llegó Danae
Danae feat. Guajiro Miraball
Pedro Jesus Diaz Ramirez

A fast tempo track, mixing Cuban and Colombian dance floor Salsa rhythms. Andy Gola & Cole Cole take influences from majestic bands as diverse as Los Van Van and Grupo Niche, Cole Cole's music serves an exotic cocktail of new salsa dance music

Partytime, upbeat sound,spicy rhythm, lively,lots percussion, bongos, horns, female vocals, with a modern sound

Tumi Album Homenaje a Oscar D'Leon
Soledad Macivas
Son 14 feat. Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez

A fast Colombian style salsa. A great double bass work with fantastic vocal harmonies, both male and female. Ruben's voice has often been associated with the famous Oscar de Leon. Soledad Masivas Homage to Oscar de Leon, the great Venezuelan salsero.

Tumi Album Changui Homenaje - 45 Años
Carlito Buey
Elio Revé feat. Rosendo Diaz Cuellar
Jose Valladares

"Carlito Buey" A classical changui with acoustic guitar in it's original and pure form.

For almost half a century Orquesta Reve ? later known as El Charangon ? has been among Cuba's best-loved and most influential bands. Since founder Elio Reve's tragic death in 1997, his son Elio Jr. has kept the tradition alive. He has boldly forged his own direction with a traditional but contemporary take on the irresistible Afro-Cuban sounds of changui and timba.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 12am
Para la Gente que Baila
Havana Mambo
Dias Lauzurica N. Izquierdo

A salsa to dance to and cheer up all moods!

Havana Mambo were formed in Havana in 1994 by ten members of the New Perez Prado Orchestra, part of a variety show which in 1993 took the famous Tropicana night club in the Cuban capital by storm! Moving across the Atlantic, they found a particularly warm reception in Italy. Unlike many pan-latin bands playing in Europe nowadays, Havana Mambo are 100% Cuban, and bring to the dancing crowds the authentic island sound with its rousing melodies, jazz horns and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 12am
Macumba Salgada
Marcos Cunha
Marcos Cunha and Pedro Cezar

An up-beat part time.. energetic and joyful tropical tune perfect to dance or listen to.

mixing rhythms from the North East region with electronic sounds, bringing great atmosphere to the spectacular footage. It is complemented by the vocals of hip-hop singer Black Alien. Another great example of the cool new sound of Brazil.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 12am
Madeira que de Lenha
Saldanha Rolim
Saldanha Rolim

A fast tropical fusion of Forró genre of Northeast Brazil with the influence of "Chula" and "Xotis". At times sound like a mixture between up-tempo ska and polka emphasized by the accordion and Saldanha's gravely singing.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 12am
Show Me
Alex Wilson

Alex plays a scintillating fusion of jazz and authentic Cuban music and the results are exhilarating, with the music's infectious Latin colours and rhythms beefed up by some meaty jazz soloing. He has been a regular feature at the prestigious Ronnie Scotts club in London and spent a year touring the world with the legendary Courtney Pine and his band.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 12am
Alphaville e a Favela
Trutty and Spainy
Cesar and Nebo

This is Brazilian rap at its best. A great duel of lyrics between a rough, streetwise favela (shanty town) youth and a wealthy kid from a trendy Rio neighbourhood who wants to get street credibility by imitating the sounds of the ghetto. Fresh, energetic and impeccably produced by this hip-hop revelation.

Tumi Album Chicha
Pio Pio

Very lively and funny song about a small chicken that was a present from a girl. Tune can get stuck in your head forever. (really!)

The migration of native Andean Peruvians to the capital city of Lima created 'Chicha' music. The villagers from the interior brought their own huayno music and became influenced by the big city's creole, salsa and cumbia rhythms, which then fused with their own style to create a unique rural/urban fusion. This talented group presents the most interesting mix of instruments and culture to come from Peru in recent times.

Tumi Album Cumbias Colombianas
Julio Abre el ojo
Lisandro Meza
Pedro Pablo Pena and P.P. Pena

A fantastic Cumbia with a perfect balance in its instrumentation. A masterpiece from Cumbia maestro Lisandro Meza.

The cumbia is the national music of Colombia, a hot rhythm with an airily syncopated melody. Its roots reflect the ethnic variety of the country's population: it blends African and native Indian instruments with Spanish lyrics. The unique sound of Lisandro's accordion leads this track and gets everybody dancing!

Tumi Album Right on Time!
No queda Nada
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble feat. Edgar Villarroel
Edgar Villarroel

Romantic sensational salsa with the big band sound.

Born in Colombia but now London-based, Roberto Pla is one of the most sought-after timbal players in the world. During the 80s and 90s, he was a key member of Cayenne, Boney M and Joe Strummer's band, and has been a special guest with artists as diverse as rock heavyweights Motorhead and US rap act US3. 'No quedo nada', written and wonderfully sung by Bolivian artist Edgar Villarroel, is taken from Pla's debut album

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