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Tumi Album El Bacan Del Son
Ocho que Ochenta
Pichy Valdes and Saoco Son
Cándido Fabré

"Ocho que Ochenta" a Tropical salsa / Son song written by Candido Fabre and arranged by Reynaldo Crespo for the band Saoco Son.

Tumi Album El Bacan Del Son
Saoco Son and Pichy Valdes
Lazaro Morgan

"Criollo" means home grown and mixed as races. History has confued races and as the time goes is more confusing.Romantic ballad, late night smoky, sexy, intimate song.

"Criollo" a Tropical romantic salsa song written by Lazaro Morgan and arranged by Reynaldo Crespo for the band Saoco Son.

Tumi Album La Rica Cosecha
Yo Soy el Punto Cubano
Celina González
Celina Gonzalez and Reutilio Domínguez

Amazing vocal performance by Celina Gonzalez, with a fortunate tres solo in the middle." Yo soy el Punto Cubano" is the queen of Cuban country Music greatest hit.

Yo Soy el Punto Cubano is Celina Gonzalez most famous song of all times.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 1: Son
Mi salsa tiene sandunga
Orquesta Reve feat. Elio Revé
Elio Reve Duverger

Reve is known as the father of Changüí and in this tune Reve uses Changüí with Timba and Salsa to give us a fast party tune.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 1: Son
Disco azucar
Juan Formell y Los Van Van feat. Orquesta Los Van Van
Cesar Pedroso

Los Van Van is a Cuban band led by bassist Juan Formell, and is considered to be one of Cuba's major timba acts, while Juan Formell has arguably become the most important figure in contemporary Cuban music.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 3: Rumba
Baba Cuello Mao
feat. Los Munequitos de Matanzas
Florencio Calle

Fast afro Cuban rumba mixing Spanish and Yoruba languages

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 3: Rumba
Donde Estabas Anoche?
feat. Carlos Embales y Conjunto los Nuevos Roncos
Ignacio Pineiro

Where were you last night?' is the title of this percussive Afro Cuban Rumba song with a really amazing performance in the drums and the voices, with choruses that tight up the melody of the main singer and make the rhythm bounce.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 4: Son
Agua que cae del cielo
Son 14 with Adalberto Alvarez
Adalberto Álvarez

Water that falls from the sky' With special effects.

Tumi Album Encuentro entre Soneros
Chan Chan
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros
Francisco Repilado

This is the world famous Chan Chan by Compay Segundo (Francisco Repilado) but played in a different, more lively way, still retaining the flavour of a classic

Tumi Album Habana Romantica
Haz herido mi alma
Arturo Clenton
Arturo Clenton

"Haz herido mi alma", you have made me suffer , is sensational salsa, slow, rhythmical, warm and romantic written by Arturo Clenton.

Tumi Album Habana Romantica
Sigo buscando un amor
Arturo Clenton
Arturo Clenton

"Sigo buscando un amor"Medium tempo salsa, romantic and warm salsa composed by Arturo Clenton.

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume One
3 Caras Del Son
El Muso y su Gran Sonora feat. Tiburon Morales, Tata Güines, Changuito and Cándido Fabré
Eduardo Morales Orosco

"3 Caras Del SonMuso" com[posed by Eduardo Morales Orosco live in studio as homenjae de soneros during this recording. Three singers is are of Cuba's greatest salsa-son vocalists. Here the three soneros of Cuba, Muso, Tiburon, and Candido Fabre join together in the EPIC recording to demonstrate their ability of improvisation responding to each other in a salsa style song.

Tumi Album En Colombia
Andy Gola and Colé Colé
Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe

Mixing the Cuban and Colombian dance floor rhythms Andy Gola & Cole Cole take influences from majestic bands as diverse as Los Van Van and Grupo Niche, Cole Cole's music serves an exotic cocktail of new salsa dance music

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