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Tumi Album Misericordia, que es esto!
El Rumbón del Piquetón
El Piqueton de Felix Rondon feat. Felix Rondon
Felix Rondon Palmero

El Rumbón del Piquetón: listen how my bands sound like..listenn and dance with my band..A witty son with all the instrumentation of the big club bands

Tumi Album Bana Congo
Limpia Mi Son
Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Cristina Azcuy Garcia

A powerful Medium-Fast Salsa with an African twist.

son that tells about the way in which son has evolved, to be called salsa, etc.lyrics- talk about keeping the song clean, cleanse my son

happy,lots of soul, danceable, female vocals,tres & guitar solos,percussion, horns, lots of breaks

Vocals reminiscent of Albita

performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo

Tumi Album Yusa
Todo o Casi Nada
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

A medium tempo Jazz / Trova. All or nothing: the theme of mid-tempo, guitar, fender rhodes, bass and drums. Waltz genres are used and mixed Afro-Cuban rhythms and evolved by the passage of time and new generations that assume past trends as developing their own music ... that of his century, in this case the twenty-first century. This theme that speaks of love for all the arts together and as each finds a common bond to express themselves from the use of the tool that each brings art, for example, painting with hands and eyes ... and his dance moves , music and sounds ... and so on. It is all the wonder of human sensitivity to stimuli that causes calls on artists artwork.

9. In every corner: A mid-tempo theme. Toolkit, which uses the guitar, fender rhodes, drums and bass. A cool theme, can work for summer days where all the villagers are on the street. Some play basketball, kids riding bikes, other runners, some on the beach, in short, a movement in the neighborhood, alive and joyful spirit.

Tumi Album Ando Cubano
El Montuno de María
Efrain Rios and Mauricio Venegas-Astorga feat. David Alvarez
M. Venegas-Astorga

An Ando-Cuban son fusion sung by the famous David Alvarez.Son Montuno.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
Juana la Loca
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
David Alvarez Garrido

A fantastic melody with exciting arrangements and pristine performance. A great example of modern salsa.

Tumi Album Tambor en el Alma
Guajira en Descarga
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Papi Oviedo, Nene, Cesar Lopez and Juan Artomarchi Padilla (Coto)
Cesar Lozada

An up tempo energetic salsa son with great vocal performance and magnificent "descarga" tres between two of Cubas biggest tres players Cezar Lozada y papi Oviedo. The lyrics are about a girl who leaves the mountain forever and comes to the city and forgets about her lover.

Tumi Album Pido
Danae feat. Antonio Perez Rodriguez
Joaquin Betancourt


everything was a mistake and now it's over, promises made in the wind

sensual, soothing,romantic atmosphere, soft,strings, female vocals.

starts slow, builds up to uptempo track,fiery female vocals,upbeat spicy rhythm, horns, has a little rap section

Tumi Album Fuego en la Maya
La Fiesta es en la Casa de Juan
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Guillermo Fernandez Gonzalez

"La Fiesta es en la Casa de Juan" The classical big band sound is recreated with voices of Tiburon and Guillermo in this song with long piano descarga.

melodic,rhythmic,festive, traditional,fun,horns, bass,cool piano solo,percussion, male vocals

Tumi Album Homenaje a Oscar D'Leon
feat. Ruben Rodriguez
Ricardo Leyva Caballero

Beautifully played salsa. A great double bass work and fantastic vocal harmonies, male and female

Tumi Album Changui Homenaje - 45 Años
Carlito Buey
Elio Revé feat. Rosendo Diaz Cuellar
Jose Valladares

"Carlito Buey" A classical changui with acoustic guitar in it's original and pure form.

For almost half a century Orquesta Reve ? later known as El Charangon ? has been among Cuba's best-loved and most influential bands. Since founder Elio Reve's tragic death in 1997, his son Elio Jr. has kept the tradition alive. He has boldly forged his own direction with a traditional but contemporary take on the irresistible Afro-Cuban sounds of changui and timba.

Tumi Album El Mayombero
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Heriberto Mertines Ramos

"Contrólate" is a traditional "Son" beautiful son by Heriberto Mertines Ramos, performed by the Buena Vista social Club Tres Player Papi Oviedo and female voice of Cristina Azcuy Garcia.

Tumi Album Cubano Soy
De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy
Candido Fabre y su Banda and Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

"De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy" A medium slow classic song by Candido Fabre 'I come from Cuba and I am Cuban, I come out of Cuba and to Cuba I am going'.

Tumi Album Encuentro entre Soneros
Encuentro entre soneros
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros
Lazaro Blanco Kindelan

This song is to celebrate a meeting between 'soneros', people who play the son. Papi Oviedo's songs show a deep love for the traditional son of his country, Cuba. In this song he greets many soneros in Cuba, including many from the Buena Vista phenomenon.

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