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Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 1: Son
Ella es un reloj
Isaac Delgado
Giraldo Piloto

A love song that begins with the sound of a clock, it says 'she is a clock, when comes walking by is telling the time'

In 1983 he began his professional career becoming one of the members of the Orquestra de Pancho Alonso. He then began to travel internationally with the orchestra and recorded his first CD. In 1987 he becomes the vocalist for Galaxia and records his second CD. In 1988, he became the lead vocalist in the group NG La Banda. It was with this group that he found fame. He recorded three CDs with this band and was awarded the 1990-1991 EGREM prize. In 1991 he creates his own band and records a CD, Dando La Hora under the artistic direction of Gonzalo Rublacaba. This album receives the 1992 EGREM Prize. He then records another CD, Con Ganas, again with Rubalcaba and this CD receives two EGREM prizes in 1993. In 1994 he receives another EGREM award for his CD EL Chevere De La Salsa y el Caballero del Son. His next album is El Ano Que Viene. He later travels to the United States to perform in the Festival of Salsa in New York's Madison Square Garden with Celia Cruz, El Canario, and Groupo Niche. In New York he recorded another album, Otra Idea. In 1997 he performed at the festival, Guerra de la Salsa with La India, Rey Ruiz, and Tony Vega. In 2006 he walked across the U.S.-Mexico border into Laredo, Texas and defected, bringing with him only his family (his wife, Massiel Valdes, and his two daughters, Dalina and Alessia), talent and reputation. In May 2007 his album, En Primera Plana was released. His latest album, Asi Soy was released in October 2008. He now lives in Tampa, Florida

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