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Tumi Album The Best of Cuba: Instrumental
Víctor López
Víctor López

fast tempo song with a high jazzy influence. It's a melodic song with many improvisations and no vocal participation.

Tumi Album The Best of Cuba: Jazz, Latin Jazz, Cuban Jazz
Víctor López
Víctor López

medium tempo song, with a jazzy influence. It is a melodic song with no vocals and pure Cuban and Latin beats

Tumi Album Soho
Domingo Candelario, Carlos Miyares (Chaka), Luis Alberto Vicet Vives(La Crema), Julio Montoro, Yan Regueiro Garcia, Juan Kemell, Víctor López and Yusimil Gonzalez
Domingo Candelario Acosta

When you approach slowly put honey in my faith

will have a moon in your chest

and a window on your skin

love burns and blood

smell a piece of mind

Look's like a light and tinsel

if they become my hands

your voice starts to rain

your lips are the pretext for help

a moment of warm memories

pride and shed the tear

and it's like nostalgia can not return

and your waist is like rain in two horizons of coffee

Meeting is for all the happiness

the blue mirror of my might.

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