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Tumi Album 21st Century: When life begins
Son de Baloy
Afro-Cuban All Stars feat. Felix Baloy
Felix Baloy Valdes

A medium tempo traditional Cuban Son tune - Felix Baloy is one of the key vocalists in the bands Afro-Cuban All Stars and Buena Vista social club. "Rich and rhythmic, sparkling and seductive, Felix Baloy voice marks him as one of the Cuba's very fine soneros of all time"

Tumi Album La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

A medium tempo fusion of Reggaeton and son. This is Candido Fabre's great hit "La Habana Quiere guarachar contigo"....Havana wants to have fun with you...

Tumi Album Misericordia, que es esto!
La Fiesta de mi Tambor
El Piqueton de Felix Rondon feat. Gracil Perez
Gustavo Cabaña Malen

A medium tempo witty son with all the instrumentation of the big club bands of 50's. The woman vocalist is asking where is her Tambor as she wants to play Rumba and someone has hidden it.

Tumi Album Bana Congo
Papa Noel
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium slow romantic ballad and appetizers put you on the road for the great experience that lies ahead. The song is about a girl called Juliana and her love is making the other party crazy. It is a Rumba/ Congolese Ballad romantic, cheek to cheek happy sound, rhythmic, guitar, tres, soulful sweet male vocals.

performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo

Tumi Album Pare Cochero
Y ahora juntos
Gloria Matancera feat. Israel Diaz Sanchez
Julio Barroso Garcia

A Medium slow romantic tune... Now Together' is a romantic son and bolero with great vocal performance.. celebrating the happiness and excitement of returning to his lover. The deep hoarse voice of Sanchez adds to the atmospheric vocal.

Tumi Album Ando Cubano
Dicen Que Diego
Efrain Rios feat. Mauricio Venegas-Astorga
M. Venegas-Astorga

An upbeat tempo football tune dedicated to football and the Argentinian football player Diego Maradona, a great son for a great player. The song has crowd shouting and the lyrics talk about the great football player...

Tumi Album Ando Cubano
Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and Efrain Rios feat. Nene
Efrain Rios

An upbeat tempo fusion of Andean and son featuring the beautiful voice of El "Nene" Pedro Lugo singing about Nostalgia accompanied by legendary Cuban tres player Efrain Rios and the guitar of Mauricio Venegas.

Tumi Album Tambor en el Alma
Guajira en Descarga
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Papi Oviedo, Nene, Cesar Lopez and Juan Artomarchi Padilla (Coto)
Cesar Lozada

An up tempo energetic salsa son with great vocal performance and magnificent "descarga" tres between two of Cubas biggest tres players Cezar Lozada y papi Oviedo. The lyrics are about a girl who leaves the mountain forever and comes to the city and forgets about her lover.

Tumi Album Que Linda es mi Cuba
La Invitacion De Tomasa
Eduardo Saborit
Daniel Alarcon

"La Invitacion De Tomasa" A slow tempo Campesino music accompanied by laud and tres, full of instrumental solos. The lyrics of this song are about Tomasa the lady who suddenly turns up to invite her lover to her house.

Tumi Album Que Linda es mi Cuba
Dame tu amor Guantanamera
Eduardo Saborit feat. Saborit
Cándido Fabré

A medium slow tune. This is Cuban country music at its best, with a great rendition of a popular Candido Fabre song, with traditional arrangements and wonderful instrumentation.

Tumi Album Cubano Soy
El Grammy
Candido Fabre y su Banda and Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

An up tempo son/salsa song about winning the Latin Grammy prize! The chorus says 'I know I'll take it, I'll take it, I'll take it'. Candido Fabre is known as the prince of son and considered to be one of the greatest "Soneros" of all time.

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume One
Me ensenaste a querer
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Porfiria Godinez Garcia

"Me ensenaste a querer" is a traditional "Son" beautiful son byPorfiria Godinez Garcia performed by the Buena Vista social Club Tres Player Papi Oviedo and the voice of Cristina Azcuy Garcia.

Tumi Album El Mayombero
Gloria eterna
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Julian Heriberto Martínez Ramos

A meduim temp melody a traditional "Son" beautiful son by Julian Heriberto Martínez Ramos performed by the Buena Vista social Club Tres Player Papi Oviedo and female voice of Cristina Azcuy Garcia.

A medium slow son. The beautiful and emotional voice of Cristina dedicated to all great "Soneros" of Cuba and beyond. She mentions Benny More, Silvio Rodriguez and Riviera among others.

Tumi Album Cubano Soy
De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy
Cándido Fabré and Candido Fabre y su Banda
Cándido Fabré

"De Cuba Vengo y Cubano Soy" A medium slow classic song by Candido Fabre 'I come from Cuba and I am Cuban, I come out of Cuba and to Cuba I am going'.

Tumi Album U-Turn
Esa Mujer
5U4 feat. Manuel Marin
Manuel Marin and Fauste des Real

A slow romantic Ballad about a woman who comes and goes .. about this beautiful woman who draws the silhouette of a rose in my mind and then leaves me..this woman who burns my skin..

Tumi Album Cubania
Que Mala Corriente
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Lazaro Rosabal

A Medium slow son/salsa from one of Cuba's oldest and greatest bands, Son 14 with the harsh voice of Tiburon. The song is about a Black man who stops his friend in the street telling him he has killed his father in law. Que Mala Corriente is written by Lazaro Rozabal.

Tumi Album Cubania
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Lazaro Rosabal

A slow melody sung by Eduardo Morales, " Tiburon", whose ingenious grace and sly improvisations distils the essence of Cuban music. This song is about nostalgia and the fact that each time he returns to his land he feels special...

Tumi Album Hasta Siempre Comandante
Hasta Siempre
5U4 feat. Danae
Carlos Porto

"Hasta Siempre" is a medium slow jazzy melody written in the memory of the great revolutionary Che Guevara, already a Cuban classic. The lyrics say how we learnt through history to love you and want you...dear Comrade...

Tumi Album Fruta Bomba
Tate Tranquilo Corazon
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Nene
Cándido Fabré

A medium tempo Son/Salsa sung by Nene asking his heart to calm down .. he cannot give his heart what it wants. Lively Son/salsa song played with the fresh energy of Jovenes Clasicos del Son.

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