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Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume Two
Muévete pa'qui
Elio Reve y su charangon feat. Hector Valentin Larrondo Ricardo
Carlos Manuel Tome Batista

"Muévete pa'qu" The changui of Elio Reve Jr is the proof of a great musical legacy. The track is refreshing while keeping the flavour of the Cuban Salsa and Timba.

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume Two
Mucho Corazón
Orquesta América feat. Omara Portuondo
Emma Elena Valderramas

"Mucho Corazón" is a sweet romantic bolero entrepetrted by the Buena Vista social club singer Omara Portuondo.

Sweet bolero with fantastic vocal performance, violins, melodic piano and accompanying double bass, calm percussion and flute of Orquesta America.

Tumi Album La Rica Cosecha
Yo Soy el Punto Cubano
Celina González
Celina Gonzalez and Reutilio Domínguez

Amazing vocal performance by Celina Gonzalez, with a fortunate tres solo in the middle." Yo soy el Punto Cubano" is the queen of Cuban country Music greatest hit.

Yo Soy el Punto Cubano is Celina Gonzalez most famous song of all times.

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 1: Son
Ella es un reloj
Isaac Delgado
Giraldo Piloto

A love song that begins with the sound of a clock, it says 'she is a clock, when comes walking by is telling the time'

In 1983 he began his professional career becoming one of the members of the Orquestra de Pancho Alonso. He then began to travel internationally with the orchestra and recorded his first CD. In 1987 he becomes the vocalist for Galaxia and records his second CD. In 1988, he became the lead vocalist in the group NG La Banda. It was with this group that he found fame. He recorded three CDs with this band and was awarded the 1990-1991 EGREM prize. In 1991 he creates his own band and records a CD, Dando La Hora under the artistic direction of Gonzalo Rublacaba. This album receives the 1992 EGREM Prize. He then records another CD, Con Ganas, again with Rubalcaba and this CD receives two EGREM prizes in 1993. In 1994 he receives another EGREM award for his CD EL Chevere De La Salsa y el Caballero del Son. His next album is El Ano Que Viene. He later travels to the United States to perform in the Festival of Salsa in New York's Madison Square Garden with Celia Cruz, El Canario, and Groupo Niche. In New York he recorded another album, Otra Idea. In 1997 he performed at the festival, Guerra de la Salsa with La India, Rey Ruiz, and Tony Vega. In 2006 he walked across the U.S.-Mexico border into Laredo, Texas and defected, bringing with him only his family (his wife, Massiel Valdes, and his two daughters, Dalina and Alessia), talent and reputation. In May 2007 his album, En Primera Plana was released. His latest album, Asi Soy was released in October 2008. He now lives in Tampa, Florida

Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 1: Son
Aunque tu mami no quiera
Grupo Sierra Maestra
Luis Martinez Griñán

Even if your mum doesn't want it' Even if she doesn't want it, I want it, is what the chorus of this song says. The wind section goes wild.

Tumi Album Right on Time!
En la Calle
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble feat. Maracas (Orlando Valle), Anga (Miguel Diaz) and Carlos del Puerto
Orlando Valle

Fast Latin jazz full bodied and lead by a horn with plenty of solos, especially timbales.

Tumi Album The Best of Juan Formell y los Van Van
No es fácil
Juan Formell y Los Van Van
Juan Formell

Musically rich in terms of instrumentation and rhythm (a rare one, 'palo son'). The chorus says 'it's not easy', and the singer tells about many people and situations in life which are not easy.

"No es fácil", Havna cannot handle it any more !Written by Juan Formell and performed by Los Van Van.

Tumi Album Cubania
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Lazaro Rosabal

A slow melody sung by Eduardo Morales, " Tiburon", whose ingenious grace and sly improvisations distils the essence of Cuban music. This song is about nostalgia and the fact that each time he returns to his land he feels special...

Tumi Album Cha Cha Charanga
Se La Ganó
Orquesta Aragón feat. Rafael Ley
Rafael Lay Jr and Armando Amezaga

A medium tempo Cha Cha Cha from Cuban legendary band Aragon. Violins and string instrument are the trademarks of Orquesta Aragon and Cha Cha Cha.

Tumi Album Encuentro entre Soneros
Chan Chan
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros
Francisco Repilado

This is the world famous Chan Chan by Compay Segundo (Francisco Repilado) but played in a different, more lively way, still retaining the flavour of a classic

Tumi Album Poquito Poco
La lizeta
Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

Candido Fabre's format is known as cha cha cha involving string instruments, particularly violins. Candido Fabre's band is an effective salsa-son formation, one of the best that Cuba has produced in the last few years. Candido Fabre's format is known as cha cha cha involving string instruments, particularly violins. In this song they demonstrate their performance composition and performing talent with ease.

La lizeta is one of his early recoding of the song.

Tumi Album Fruta Bomba
Para Siempre Tenerte
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Carlos Manuel Cespedes
David Alvarez Garrido

A Medium-tempo bachata. The romantic ballad song played with the fresh energy of Jovenes Clasicos del Son. It is about this guy wanting to keep her for ever.

Meaning to have you for ever and ever...

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