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Tumi Album Mundo Loco
Habanera Sola
David Alvarez and Juego de Manos feat. Chucho Valdes
David Alvarez Garrido

A slow romantic Ballad"Habanera Sola", with Chucho Valdes on piano and David Alvarez vocals and flute. It is a nostalgic song about a Cuban girl being left behind when her partner leaves a better life across the water.

when the moon flies over the sea,

with your soul of anchor ship, you weigh anchor,

afterwards you sing your pain to the wind,

lamp of memories paving stone of love.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
Son Demasiado
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
Jose Alberto Gonzalez

"Son Demasiado"Slow romantic song that gets faster moving from a ballad to a son.A late night romantic song

Tumi Album Tambor en el Alma
Guajira en Descarga
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Papi Oviedo, Nene, Cesar Lopez and Juan Artomarchi Padilla (Coto)
Cesar Lozada

An up tempo energetic salsa son with great vocal performance and magnificent "descarga" tres between two of Cubas biggest tres players Cezar Lozada y papi Oviedo. The lyrics are about a girl who leaves the mountain forever and comes to the city and forgets about her lover.

Tumi Album Cubano Soy
El Apagón
Candido Fabre y su Banda and Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

" El Apagón" Blackout' is a very fast son-conga and very funny and witty in its lyrics. Talks about the lack of electricity in Cuba.Everything goes off even the kids milk.....and so on

Tumi Album Changui Homenaje - 45 Años
Changüí a la Loma del Chivo
Elio Revé feat. Pascual Matos Aguire
Elio Reve Duverger

"Changüí a la Loma del Chivo" A big sound from a big band, Elio Reve Jr continues the tradition, leading the band that his father formed, the Orquesta Reve

Tumi Album Un Poquito De Fe
Yo Soy el Son
Felix Baloy y Su Cubans All Stars feat. Cesar Hechevarria
Felix Baloy Valdes

"Yo Soy el Son" A beautiful Sals/Son with marvellous percussions, enchanting tres and guitar, meaty piano, expressive double bass and vibrating horns played by "Felix Baloy y Su Cuban Son All Stars" is one of Cuban legendary bands who originally was formed the style of Arsenio Rodriguez and later by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez the director of Afro- Cuban all Stars which master minded Buena Vista Social Club.

Tumi Album Hibrid
Aquí todo ya está inventao
Tomezclao feat. Yoandri Castro(el Conejo)
Lyng Chang

A slow tempo romantic instrumental melody. Piano and Sax twist together to present a sense of adventure.....taking you on a mysterious journey deep into the unknown... Also available with vocals.

Tumi Album Haiku
Conga pasajera
Yusa feat. Juan Carlos Marin
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

An expressive jazz song about the 'conga' or Cuban carnival. The song talks about happy things like going walking, singing, leaping, and dancing.Yusa sings in Conga Pasajera (Passing Conga): anda? canta? salta? baila ? walk?sing? leap? dance!

Everything that passes

Tickles my nose

As if it were a passing thing

(a butterfly covered in honey flying over the waves)

Ah, ah, ah, ah,

Ah, ah, ah, ah,

Far away from here

My sorrows wander

Trying to find you in the shadows

Then comes the rumour

It could just be carnival.

Tumi Album El Boom Boom
feat. Julio Boom (Julio Cesar Ginarte )
Manuel Alejandro Gilbert Brito

A slow tempo of drum, bass and key board, Julio Boom is mixing Reggaeton and Bachata, the famous contemporary genre from Cuba and Puerto Rico, tasting like a fresh cocktail of tropical juice with a touch of Cuban Rum.

Tumi Album El Boom Boom
No Me Da Mi Gana
feat. Cola Loca
Ángel Torres Callard and Yasser Robinsón Puente

A slow tempo drum and bass Reggaeton tune which captured the entire Caribbean . Cola Loca and "No Me da Gana Americana" literally translating "I don't want to be American" has been used as a political song in all government organized gathering in Cuba. The main message to the song is " I do not want to be an American!"

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume One
Me ensenaste a querer
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Porfiria Godinez Garcia

"Me ensenaste a querer" is a traditional "Son" beautiful son byPorfiria Godinez Garcia performed by the Buena Vista social Club Tres Player Papi Oviedo and the voice of Cristina Azcuy Garcia.

Tumi Album Cuba Bailable
Yo quiero una nena
Tomezclao and Lyng Chang
Lyng Chang and Yaser Pelegrin Gonzalez

A fast tune about this guy who wants a woman to give him love and warmth.

Tumi Album Cubania
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Eduardo Morales Orosco

Rolling around' A song to dance to. Talks about a woman that likes to create trouble. Reboliquera is written by Eduardo Morales.

Tumi Album Fruta Bomba
Para Siempre Tenerte
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Carlos Manuel Cespedes
David Alvarez Garrido

A Medium-tempo bachata. The romantic ballad song played with the fresh energy of Jovenes Clasicos del Son. It is about this guy wanting to keep her for ever.

Meaning to have you for ever and ever...

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