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Tumi Album 21st Century: When life begins
Buena Vista feat. Rubén González
Rubén González

"Fabiando"A beautiful bolero with the superb piano of Ruben Gonzalez

who is a member of Buena vista Social club and a Grammy winner.

Tumi Album Chanqui en la Casa de Nora
La Visita
Elio Reve y su charangon feat. Hector Valentin Larrondo Ricardo
Norberto Shang

"La Visita" The changui of Elio Reve Jr is the proof of a great musical legacy. The track is refreshing while keeping the flavour of the Cuban music. This is a Salsa and Salsa at its best...

Tumi Album Conga tu Carnaval
A paso de conga
Hermanos Bravo
Esteban Matute

A fast tempo and upbeat typical Cuban carnival track, the musicians play saxophone, drums and guitar with African percussion among other instruments and everybody dances behind them. Hermanos Bravos is a Legendry carnival band.

Tumi Album La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

A medium tempo fusion of Reggaeton and son. This is Candido Fabre's great hit "La Habana Quiere guarachar contigo"....Havana wants to have fun with you...

Tumi Album Mundo Loco
Cuida'o Cuida'o
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
David Alvarez Garrido

"Cuida'o Cuida'o", A fast tempo tune with a twist of son, an extremely fast rhythmic salsa track. Cuidao Cuidao literally means be careful....of the beautiful woman...who can do you much harm.

Tumi Album Baila mi Son
El Son de Baloy
Juan de Marcos González and Afro-Cuban All Stars feat. Felix Baloy
Felix Baloy Valdes

"El Son de Baloy" is a medium tempo "Son" - rich and rhythmic, sparkling and seductive. Felix Baloy's voice marks him out as one of Cuba's finest soneros. Baloy has been one of the key vocalists in the Buena Vista Social club project.

Tumi Album Homenaje
A caballo me vo
Public Domain

I used to go to Santiago on foot is a witty son with all the instrumentation of the big club bands.

The late Puntillita was a member of "Buena vista social club" and this is an early recording of him late 1950's classical recording and a gem in the history of Cuban Music.

Tumi Album Lamento Negro
Los Marineros
Susana Baca
Pablo Neruda

A beautiful ballad about the love of sailors, who kiss and then go, leaving just a promise, they never come back. In each port, one woman waits for the sailors; they kiss and go. The delicacy and beauty of Susana Baca's voice makes her one of today's most popular Latin American singers. She is renowned as an interpreter of contemporary Afro-Peruvian music, the intimate lando and samba rhythms of her country.

Tumi Album Dos Gardenias
Chile Lindo
Omara Portuondo
Eddy Gaytán

Hundreds of Chilean exiles flocked to Cuba after the overthrow in 1973. Omara pays homage to the bravery of the people and the beauty of the Chilean landscape in this lively cueca backed by Inti Illimani and Juan Formell of Los Van van.

Tumi Album Cabaret Alibar
feat. Felix Rondon
Felix Rondon Palmero

Tumi Album Cha Cha Charanga
Se La Ganó
Orquesta Aragón feat. Rafael Ley
Rafael Lay Jr and Armando Amezaga

A medium tempo Cha Cha Cha from Cuban legendary band Aragon. Violins and string instrument are the trademarks of Orquesta Aragon and Cha Cha Cha.

Tumi Album Salsa en Atare
La Chica de Nieve
Juan Carlos Alfonso y Su Dan Den feat. jesus salas, michel calvo and puly hernandez
Juan Carlos Alfonso

A fast tempo salsa performed by a superb orchestra and with first class arrangements and sound. The song talks about this girl who is very beautiful and warm but in reality is as cold as snow..

Tumi Album Desde La Habana Te Traigo
El Rey del Mundo
Celina González feat. Reutilio Domínguez
Celina Gonzalez and Reutilio Domínguez

Fantastic salsa son with strong Afr-Cuban feel, lyrics wise (singing much to the Yoruba saints) and instrumentation popular in charanga (with violins and flute).

"El Rey del Mundo" another song composed by celina and Reutilio about Chango, one of Afro-gods of war.

Tumi Album 3 Caras Del Son
Homenaje al Sonero
El Muso y su Gran Sonora feat. Tiburon Morales, Tata Güines, Changuito, Cándido Fabré and Muso
Cándido Fabré

A fast Cuban Salsa about "Soneros". 'Muso' is one of Cuba's greatest salsa-son vocalists. Here the three soneros of Cuba - Muso, Tiburon, and Candido Fabre join together in this epic recording to demonstrate their ability of improvisation responding to each other in a salsa style song.

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume One
La Máquina Musical
Son 14 feat. Tiburon Morales
Lazaro Rosabal

"La Máquina Musical"Son 14 playing at their best, with the raw vocals of 'El Tiburon' (The Shark) as fierce as ever.

" some people think we play well others no, but we keep playing like a musical machine and after 20 years we keep going ...

Tumi Album Tabaco & Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume One
Fruta Bomba
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Nene
Maximiliano Sanchez

Medium-tempo salsa /son. Lively salsa song played with the fresh energy of Jovenes Clasicos del Son.

In Cuba "Fruta bomba" or Papaya refers to the fruit and sex , so here the author is playing words ..a double edge song.

Tumi Album To Benny Moré
Rumberos del ayer
Benny Santos y su Banda feat. Raúl Planas
Benny More

"Rumberos del ayer" is an inspired and energetic Son by Benny More. Here it is sang by the late Raul Planas who also was part of Buena Vista Social Club.

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