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Tumi Album Chanqui en la Casa de Nora
Elio Reve y su charangon feat. Hector Valentin Larrondo Ricardo
Benigno Echmendia Oliva

A medium slow tempo Son/Timba. The meaning of the name Iyabo is 'Mother has come back' in Nigerian language. The changui of Elio Reve Jr is proof of a great musical legacy. This track is refreshing while keeping the flavour of the Cuban traditional changui going.

Tumi Album Mundo Loco
Cuida'o Cuida'o
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
David Alvarez Garrido

"Cuida'o Cuida'o", A fast tempo tune with a twist of son, an extremely fast rhythmic salsa track. Cuidao Cuidao literally means be careful....of the beautiful woman...who can do you much harm.

Tumi Album Pido
Prisionera De Amor
Danae feat. Antonio Perez Rodriguez
Mo Fini

A fast tempo salsa tune with female vocals - 'Prisioner of Love' tells about the moment of surrender by a pilgrim of love, guilty of loving. Lost in your skin, with only desert around me, a prisoner of love.

Tumi Album Homenaje a Oscar D'Leon
Soledad Macivas
Son 14 feat. Ruben Rodriguez
Ruben Rodriguez

A fast Colombian style salsa. A great double bass work with fantastic vocal harmonies, both male and female. Ruben's voice has often been associated with the famous Oscar de Leon. Soledad Masivas Homage to Oscar de Leon, the great Venezuelan salsero.

Tumi Album Un Poquito De Fe
El Zorro
Felix Baloy y Su Cubans All Stars feat. Clemente Echevarria
Julio Montoro

A medium tempo Salsa. El Zorro or the 'Fox' is a melodic salsa sung by Felix Baloy...that his wife tells him he is like fox and all the time going about everything in a fox like way.

"El Zorro" A beautiful Sals/Son with marvellous percussions, enchanting tres and guitar, meaty piano, expressive double bass and vibrating horns played by "Felix Baloy y Su Cuban Son All Stars" is one of Cuban legendary bands who originally was formed the style of Arsenio Rodriguez and later by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez the director of Afro- Cuban all Stars which master minded Buena Vista Social Club.

Tumi Album Cafe Noir
Papa Noel feat. Sultan Zembellat
Sultan Zembellat

A fast tempo Afro-Cuban political melody asking for democracy in Africa...corruption no good for Africa.. Through his song Democratie Sultan Zembellat is bringing to mind the problems facing African people, the meaning of democracy based on freedom of speech, tolerance, unity and peace.

Tumi Album Hibrid
Quiero Olvidarla
Tomezclao feat. Pedro Jesus and Conejo
Julio Montoro

An up tempo sensational fusion of Son/Salsa with a touch of Rap: three Cuban top singers - Pedro Jesus, La Crema and El Conejo get together to give us Puerto Rican style Salsa. The lyrics are about a man who wants to forget this woman but cannot.

Tumi Album Hibrid
Como es posible (No No No)
Tomezclao feat. Juan Kemell
Yoandy Castro

An up beat trumpet lead instrumental tune, soothing and with a sense of isolation and rather sad. This track is also available with vocals.

Tumi Album Right on Time!
Loco de Amarte
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble feat. Edgar Villarroel
Edgar Villarroel

A medium fast romantic salsa about a guy who is crazy enough to fall in love with the same woman twice...and he blames himself for being so full of emotions but finally nothing...

Tumi Album Right on Time!
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble
Roberto Pla

A medium tempo Colombian style Salsa track with the big band sound. The lyrics are about Portugal with its beautiful women and great beaches...etc

Tumi Album Cubania
Son 14 feat. Ruben Rodriguez
Lazaro Rosabal

Sunday of the rumba' Song about death and rumba on Sundays. This is as all Son 14 songs is backed by big band with horns and tres, guitar and drums.

Tumi Album Salsa en Atare
La Chica de Nieve
Juan Carlos Alfonso y Su Dan Den feat. jesus salas, michel calvo and puly hernandez
Juan Carlos Alfonso

A fast tempo salsa performed by a superb orchestra and with first class arrangements and sound. The song talks about this girl who is very beautiful and warm but in reality is as cold as snow..

Tumi Album Al Maestro Lavoe
Al Maestro Lavoe
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez

A medium fast Salsa by the Peruvian Salsero Manuel Ramirez, dedicated to the great Salsa singer Hector Lavoe.

Tumi Album 3 Caras Del Son
Homenaje al Sonero
El Muso y su Gran Sonora feat. Tiburon Morales, Tata Güines, Changuito, Cándido Fabré and Muso
Cándido Fabré

A fast Cuban Salsa about "Soneros". 'Muso' is one of Cuba's greatest salsa-son vocalists. Here the three soneros of Cuba - Muso, Tiburon, and Candido Fabre join together in this epic recording to demonstrate their ability of improvisation responding to each other in a salsa style song.

Tumi Album En Colombia
LLego Cole
Colé Colé feat. Andy Gola
Andy Gola

A fast tempo track, mixing Cuban and Colombian dance floor Salsa rhythms. Andy Gola & Cole Cole take influences from majestic bands as diverse as Los Van Van and Grupo Niche, Cole Cole's music serves an exotic cocktail of new salsa dance music.

Tumi Album La Máquina Musical
Dura como piedra
Son 14 feat. Ruben Rodriguez
Lazaro Rosabal

A fast tempo big band salsa with horns. Dura como piedra meaning as hard as stone, singing about life.. This is hard salsa or pure salsa..

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