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Tumi Album Mundo Loco
Mundo Loco
Juego de Manos feat. David Alvarez
David Alvarez Garrido

"Mundo Loco", the crazy worl, Fast ballad track. David sings the world is crazy.

One day the angry world cried about its luck,

I wanna be free he asked justice who calmly answered back

freedom goes sailing and drifts

along the seas of the soul

Tumi Album Pido
No Me Beses Más
Alberto Tosca

A soft ballad in a not so slow tempo. 'Don't kiss me anymore'

sensual, soothing,romantic atmosphere, soft,strings, female vocals

lyrics-don't kiss me anymore your kiss is a flower that opens up

Tumi Album Vodka con Limon
Hasta que tu Vuelvas
Michel Hernandez San Juan

Hasta que tu Vuelvas, Until your return, salsa new york, desperate love, love divided, can not stand one more day, until your back seguire aqui.mequedo to see

Tumi Album Vodka con Limon
Y no me llames mas
Michel Hernandez San Juan

Y no me llames mas, And do not call me more, salsa, guaguancó, loves party finished, do not call me I have nothing more to do with you, bye, which ter do well,

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