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Tumi Album Brazil 2016: Jazz, Brazilian Jazz, Latin Jazz
Bichinho da Peste
Servulo Augusto
Jose Rubens Chacha and Servulo Augusto

With guests Mônica Salmaso and J.R. Chachá, composer, singer, and instrumentalist Sérvulo Augusto delivers a rare, first-track-to-the-last masterpiece of Jazz, Samba, and Bossa Nova. Normally a stage and cinema composer, Sérvulo has done the music for such shows as "Feliz Ano Velho", "Ubu Pholias Physicas", "Pataphysicas e Musicaes", "Tarsila", and "Sherazade" (winner of the São Paulo Theater Association prize for best music 1997) and such films as "Fogo e Paixão", "Revolta dos Carnudos" and "Dov'è Meneghetti" (winner of the Rio de Janeiro "Cine-Rio" film festival prize for best music 1989).

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