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Tumi Album Hoja de Coca
Nina Wara
Adrian Villanueva

A fast melody of Andean quena led instrumental (flute) - an uplifting and energetic Andean dance where the women turn around and the 16 layers of colourful skirts open like a flower in the air.

Tumi Album Hoja de Coca
Victor Ferrel

Medium fast tempo - lively Andean instrumental with pan pipes as a leading instrument, accompanied by drums, guitar and charango. It is a tune with positive energy and vibrant colours.

Tumi Album Pachamama
Canto Al Trabajador
Rumillajta feat. Edgar Villarroel

A medium tempo political song . The message is that in order not to be exploited you must join in union...Mothers, fathers and children all gathering together in order to have a better life and fight for injustices..

Tumi Album On the Wings of the Condor
Jacha Mallku
Mallku de los Andes feat. Edwin roberts
David Q. Mercado M and Rene Carrasco Garcia

Powerful Andean instrumental with fantastic flute performances. In Quechua the Inca language Mallku is the conder and Jacha is big..leader the almighty Conder

Tumi Album On the Wings of the Condor
Chapi Chapini
Mallku de los Andes
David Q. Mercado M and Rene Carrasco Garcia

A slow tempo soft and melancholic instrumental tune with inspiring pan pipes lines mixing and crossing with other flutes to make this beautiful instrumental melody.

Tumi Album Chimbaloma
Karu Nan
Alberto Maldonado

A fast tempo Ecuadorian melody "Chimbaloma", the name of a village, is sung in Quechua and reminds you of a fiesta with the party spirit. San Juan takes place around June 23rd, coinciding with the mid summer solstice and is a huge party full of bonfires, fireworks, music and dancing.

Tumi Album Gran Condor
Jach'A Mallku
Victor Ferrel

A slow tempo solemn song that is sung both in Quechua and Spanish. The lyrics are about this lonely guy who is on his own suffering and crying...and nobody loves him. Deep drumming, accompanied by harmonious string instruments.

Tumi Album Camino al Sol
Camino Al Sol
M. Venegas-Astorga

A medium tempo melody with a beautiful Andean instrumental tune with alternating daring flutes and guitar.

Tumi Album Inca Quena
Mosox Punchay (New Day)
Edgar Villarroel
Edgar Villarroel

A slow melody, atmospheric instrumental song with just bass drum and quena (Andean flute). This song is played with the enormous pan pipes known as toyos creating a deep and profound sound.

Tumi Album Tierra Sin Mar
Zulma Yugar

A slow to medium tempo melody with alternating vocals of male and female singers in Quechua. a sweet but nevertheless sad song accompanied by charnago, guitar and bombo.

Tumi Album El Corazon del Pueblo
Los Masis
Roberto Sahonero

A slow tempo Andean instrumental soothing tune, mellow and slow, with a haunting melody which touches the depths of the soul like nothing else. Los Masis are true cultural ambassadors and a superbly talented group of Bolivian musicians.

Tumi Album Viento Azul
El Canelazo
Mauricio Venegas

A slow tempo melancholic beautiful Andean instrumental tune with daring flutes, giving you a sense of floating in the open space and flying high..

Tumi Album Pilgrimage to the Andes
Andean Christmas - Ay Para Navidad
Quimantu feat. Rachel Pantin

Beautiful Christmas song. Andean song with the passionate vocals of Mauricio Venegas.

Quimantu take their name from the native Mapuche people of Chile, and that is reflected in their music, which is true to their resilient roots and has a strong sense of style and identity. Surtierra is a haunting melody featuring traditional Andean instruments and subtle arrangements.

Tumi Album Ancestral Andino
Arac Ancestral
Jesús Gamarra

A slow tempo authentic Andean instrumental, ceremonial and ambient music going back to the Inca times.

Tumi Album Violins from the Andes
Familia Pillco, Juan Charalla and Enrique Pillco feat. Reynaldo Pillco
Reynaldo Pillco

A slow tempo but joyful instrumental. Two violins and harp played by the master of violin: Reynaldo Pillcos . Lively mariners dances, yaravis and huaynos-popular music created by the Bachs and Schuberts of the Americas.

Tumi Album Shaman
Kallawaya feat. Edgar Villarroel
Victor Ferrel

A medium tempo sorrowful Andean song about child poverty. The beautiful voice of Edgar Villaroel accompanied by charango, panpipes, guitar and the flute of Bolivian masters of all time Adrian Villanueva.

Tumi Album Inti Raymi
Vicky Cespedes and Edgar Villarroel

A fast tempo theme known as "Pollerita" meaning skirts. The Andean women can wear up to 16 layers of skirts all with different colors and when they turn around they open as a flower. The male calls his lover in the festival..oh you colourful skirts which open like rainbow, come and let us hold hands and dance.

Tumi Album Inti Raymi
La Niña de Guatemala
Vicky Cespedes and Edgar Villarroel
Public Domain

A slow to meduim tempo tune. "The little girl from Guatemala", the words are written by Jose Marti and the melody and arrangement by Edgar Villaroel. This is about a girl who dies and everybody thinks she died of cold but in reality she died of lack of love.

Tumi Album Mother Mountain
Del Gris
Mauricio Venegas

A slow tempo with a heavy and mournful melody in the opening, first heard on the cello, then building up with violin, oboe and panpipes to create an atmosphere of tension and foreboding. The darkness leads to a labyrinthine panpipe and string melody that tumbles forwards as it increases in speed to a vertiginous sudden ending.

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