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Tumi Album Querida Buenos Aires
Querida Buenos Aires
Fernando Taborda Cuarteto, Sacri Delfino, Luis Sava, Ariel Azcarate, Fernando Taborda, Alejandro Caputo, Diego Aubía and Leo Ferreyra feat. Leandro Ponte
Nicolás Falcoff/Fernando Falcoff

A slow tempo Tango about Buenos Aires - rather nostalgic. Each section has flowers unique to that area...your houses built on are born on the side of the sea..

Tumi Album Querida Buenos Aires
Alejandro Caputo, Fernando Castillo, Diego Aubía, Leo Ferreyra, Sacri Delfino and Fernando Taborda Sexteto
Nicolas Falcoff

A slow tempo tune about "solitude" and "loneliness". The "solitude" and "loneliness" cannot cope with itself and finally has to give up. Also available instrumental version.

Tumi Album Soho
Domingo Candelario, Luis Alberto Vicet Vives(La Crema), Yusi Gonzalez, Joaquin Betancourt, Leo Ferreyra, Yan Regueiro Garcia, Julio Montoro, Juan Kemell and Carlos Miyares (Chaka)
Domingo Candelario Acosta


Tell me how you can avoid that dark storm horror which is now my life and mercilessly punished

tell me what it feels like sharing their fears chance returning their tastes without basilar

and something might perhaps be avoided

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