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Tumi Album Wasichakuy
Manuel Monet

Beautifuly laid, this track itself is a journey through different instruments and textures of Andean music. The sound quality, production and composition are amazing and deeply inspiring

Tumi Album Seduction
Yaser Pelegrin Gonzalez

love story about one sided love loves the other but the other person does not respond positively.

Tumi Album Seduction
Brisa mañanera
Tomezclao feat. Conejo
Mo Fini

A medium slow nostalgic melody referring to emigrants and returning home. The song is about going back home where one's original roots are and where all childhood memories belong. This song is also available in French, English, Persian and Flamenco as well as instrumental versions.

Tumi Album Seduction
Sigo siendo tuyo
Lyng Chang

love story .though they are separated one cannot push the other away from the heart and the head.He wants everybody knows that he still loves her.

Tumi Album Seduction
Tal vez
Lyng Chang and Yuximy Gonzalez Sanchez

an energetic tune romantic and moving a fusion of Latin Pop with hip-hop and rap.

Tumi Album La vida es linda
Angel Bonne
Angel Heriberto Bonne Sanchez

Yani is a slow jazzy / rock tune talking about the surprise that love can bring to life.

Tumi Album Soneros de Siempre
Quién te dijo
Feverson feat. Annis M. Batista González
Juan Carlos Santaelena and Martha R.Milanes F.

(Who told you?)

Who told you that my love is lost

Who told you that my soul was extinguished

I do not understand why you say things

I confess that breaks your reason

Who told you I cannot fall in love

Do not kid yourself that I have heart

Sensations and tenderness to give

Think well please do not confuse

Who told you i told you i told you

That time I delete my feelings

if your only desire is to hurt me, I want your forgiveness

for having caused you so much pain

Who told you i told you i told you

You want my love and I forgot

If I made you suffer so much that was not my intention

I feel sorry that you save much rancour

Tumi Album Soneros de Siempre
Me enamoré
Feverson feat. Leonel León Pérez
Juan Carlos Santaelena and Jorge Cortiza Gonzalez

(I fell in love)

I fell in love

of his eyes and sensual image

of her laughter and her angelic look

of her hair that excites

her pretty face

of his walk that looks heavenly.

I fell in love

its clean, unhurried voice

from his sacred mouth things that she knows make

entranced me with your smile

to be as the breeze

urgency with a second

when you cannot stop.

I fell in love

Tumi Album Identidad
Michel Hernandez San Juan

A slow tempo ballad accompanied by piano, ballad, love song to a woman prostitute, hopelessness into a forbidden love, forever I'm your tenant in love.

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