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Tumi Album Vallenato
Fredy Sierra and Eligio Vega
Eligio Vega

A medium fast tune "Lucy" - This vallenato talks about Lucy, a girl that left to the city of Santa Marta and never returned. Vallenato played with accordion sound and incorporates dance rhythms from the Caribbean coast

Tumi Album Guajira Mas Guajira
Que viva la alegria
Eliades Ochoa and Maria Ochoa feat. Alma Latina
Julio Montoro

An upbeat tropical melody. Inviting everybody to the party to have fun and dance all night. The main vocal of Maria Ochoa and lots of male backing.

We are going to throw a party,

With this holiday world,

Through that the happiness lives

Yesterday, I passed a message to senora trsiteza,

To come out to drink rum and beer and speak with good luck

I spoke to the palm reader to bring good luck

And the devil is always naked and appears everywhere

Do not let anyone steal the freedom

Those who do not go far forward,

Walk hastily behind

Good man, good friend, give me a smile.

Let's sing to the life, let's sing to the love,

Let's drink because this year

The happiness touches the heart

Let's raise all hands and ask for

Peace, health and love life to rejoice

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