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Tumi Album Right on Time!
Roberto Pla and his Latin Ensemble feat. Edgar Villarroel
Bernardo Pla

A medium tempo Cumbia unusually played with big bands using a traditional accordion - at times it sounds jazzy but the rhythm never changes throughout the song.

Tumi Album Noche de la Rumba
Échame Carta
Clave y Guaguanco
Gustavo Cabanas

A slow tempo "Santeria" Rumba with powerful percussive and vocal harmony - guaguanco, bataguanco and catumba with poetry, flamenco and powerful singing achieving a real revelation in Yoruba.

Tumi Album Waiting...
Wasting away
Josef Koumbas feat. Amaury Perez and roberto Carcasses
Josef Koumbas

A medium-tempo Jazz, Reggae, Blues, it is all here! English vocals ... a sense of outrage in the vocals, and instruments in places, particularly you will find the Henry Mancini Pink Panther feel Sax - a solid statement in this work. Also instrumental version available.

Tumi Album Trotasurdo
Mauricio Venegas

A slow-tempo electronic beat Playful use of sampled children's and adult voices in English and Spanish over groovy dance beats with instrumental phrases, creating a cheerful ambiance.

Tumi Album Hibrid Instrumental
Mango bajito
Julio Montoro

A medium tempo instrumental version of the song, a saxophone led tune, soft and peaceful and harmonious as it takes you through a long journey with a great positive feel to it. Original version of this song is with vocals and also available.

Tumi Album Seduction
La cafetera
Tomezclao feat. Original de Manzanillo
Lyng Chang

A medium fast beat fusion of hip-hop with Merengue and other genres of Caribbean rhythms... about a woman flirting with men and doing very little. Just like a jar of cold coffee which however much you drink it doesn't warm you up.. Instrumental of this song is also available.

Tumi Album Seduction
Somos hermanos
Tomezclao, La Crema, Lyng Chang, Julio Montoro and El Conejo
Mo Fini

A medium temp reggae tune referring to all races being of the same colour and brotherhood. We are brothers....referring to all races and colours particularly black and white races. The first part is in Spanish but the second part is in English.

Tumi Album Guajira Mas Guajira
Que viva la alegria
Maria Ochoa and Eliades Ochoa feat. Alma Latina
Julio Montoro

An upbeat tropical melody. Inviting everybody to the party to have fun and dance all night. The main vocal of Maria Ochoa and lots of male backing.

We are going to throw a party,

With this holiday world,

Through that the happiness lives

Yesterday, I passed a message to senora trsiteza,

To come out to drink rum and beer and speak with good luck

I spoke to the palm reader to bring good luck

And the devil is always naked and appears everywhere

Do not let anyone steal the freedom

Those who do not go far forward,

Walk hastily behind

Good man, good friend, give me a smile.

Let's sing to the life, let's sing to the love,

Let's drink because this year

The happiness touches the heart

Let's raise all hands and ask for

Peace, health and love life to rejoice

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