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Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 2am
Balada Para Trompeta No.1
Chucho Valdes feat. Julio Padron
Lucia Huergo

A slow tempo late night tune, a great jazz piece with Chucho Valdez on piano and Julio Padron trumpet lead, laid back, 1950's/60's style. A delightful ballad where Chucho's masterful piano piece is aptly accompanied by the dazzling trumpet of Julio Padron

Tumi Album Jazz Timbero
Bobby Carcasses feat. Chucho Valdes and Descemer Bueno
Bobby Carcassés

A slow to medium tempo jazz tune, an example of the magnificent trumpet of Bobby Carcasses and the piano of his son Roberto, one of Cuba's most innovative mixers of jazz and Afro-Cuban fusion. The song starts with Indian tabla and soon bursts into Latin Jazz.

Bobby Carcasses is the Cuban Jazz Legend together with Chucho Valdes.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 2am
Pasadas Las 12
Chucho Valdes feat. Jose Carlos Acosta
Lucia Huergo

'After Midnight' is a soft jazz ballad with piano and trumpet, 1960's like, reminding us of a late night smoky cafe. Jose Julio Acosta accompanying Chucho Valdes with his sax, stunning virtuoso performance by the legendary maestro Chucho

Tumi Album Mundo Loco
Habanera Sola
David Alvarez and Juego de Manos feat. Chucho Valdes
David Alvarez Garrido

A slow romantic Ballad"Habanera Sola", with Chucho Valdes on piano and David Alvarez vocals and flute. It is a nostalgic song about a Cuban girl being left behind when her partner leaves a better life across the water.

when the moon flies over the sea,

with your soul of anchor ship, you weigh anchor,

afterwards you sing your pain to the wind,

lamp of memories paving stone of love.

Tumi Album Fuego en la Maya
Son 14 feat. Salvador Llorens
Vicente Napoles Destrade

"Volverás" A really classy bolero in which the silky bitter-sweet melody is wrapped around a core of dark momentum, leaving you inclined to pour yourself another shot of rum and play the track again from the top! Salvador Llorens is one of the finest singer of romantic salsa in Cuba.

Tumi Album Un Poquito De Fe
Y No Espera Más
Felix Baloy y Su Cubans All Stars feat. Clemente Echevarria
Enrique Perez

"Y No Espera Más" A beautiful Ballad with marvellous percussions, enchanting tres and guitar, meaty piano, expressive double bass and vibrating horns played by "Felix Baloy y Su Cuban Son All Stars" is one of Cuban legendary bands who originally was formed the style of Arsenio Rodriguez and later by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez the director of Afro- Cuban all Stars which master minded Buena Vista Social Club.

Tumi Album Breathe
Del Miedo
Yusa feat. Haydeé Milanés
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

This track features a slow melancholic feeling sang by Yusa and Haydee.

A wonderful collaboration between young Cuban diva Yusa and Haydee, the talented daughter of New Song movement icon Pablo Milanes. Taken from Yusa's second album, 'Breathe' (TUMI CD 131), this vital artist with her eclectic breadth of sound moves ever forward, revealing 21st century Cuban music to be a vital mix of exciting ideas as well as cheeky and witty.

Fear: Theme of slow tempo. Stylish swing is done using the bass, piano, trumpet, and two voices. It's a romantic theme that it is precisely the fear felt by a couple who just realize that unites a love and are trying to make the change and then not really do not realize that the only thing to do is win this time they have to love it now because the future is totally unknown and will only pass the time and if in the meantime we continue with the excessive love for each start.

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