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Tumi Album Jazz Timbero
Bobby Carcasses feat. Chucho Valdes and Descemer Bueno
Bobby Carcassés

A slow to medium tempo jazz tune, an example of the magnificent trumpet of Bobby Carcasses and the piano of his son Roberto, one of Cuba's most innovative mixers of jazz and Afro-Cuban fusion. The song starts with Indian tabla and soon bursts into Latin Jazz.

Bobby Carcasses is the Cuban Jazz Legend together with Chucho Valdes.

Tumi Album Encuentro entre Soneros
Arcoiris de amor
Papi Oviedo y su Soneros feat. Cristina Azcuy Garcia
Lazaro Blanco Kindelan

Witty and bucolic, Papi Oviedo's songs show a deep love for the traditional son of his country, Cuba. This is a slow, sweet Bolero.

Papi Oviedo began to play professionally in the 1950s and over the years has developed a distinctive style, which relies on simplicity and space for its effect. Today he is widely regarded as the world's leading tres guitar player. Cristina Azcuy is undoubtedly one of Cuba's greatest female singers of the son genre, whose voice is flavored with passion, sentiment and happiness. Her style and energy is rooted in the Afro-European traditions of Cuba.

Tumi Album Cafe Cantante - 2am
Pasadas Las 12
Chucho Valdes feat. Jose Carlos Acosta
Lucia Huergo

'After Midnight' is a soft jazz ballad with piano and trumpet, 1960's like, reminding us of a late night smoky cafe. Jose Julio Acosta accompanying Chucho Valdes with his sax, stunning virtuoso performance by the legendary maestro Chucho

Tumi Album La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo
Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré

A medium tempo fusion of Reggaeton and son. This is Candido Fabre's great hit "La Habana Quiere guarachar contigo"....Havana wants to have fun with you...

Tumi Album Baila mi Son
Después de Esta Noche
Juan de Marcos González and Afro-Cuban All Stars feat. Felix Baloy
Felix Baloy Valdes

"Después de Esta Noche", "After tonight" is a Romantic ballad - rich and rhythmic, sparkling and seductive. Felix Baloy's voice marks him out as one of Cuba's finest soneros. Baloy has been one of the key vocalists in the Buena Vista Social club project.

I am who's got the feeling' is a son with Felix Baloy's husky voice.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
El Beso
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
Efrain Rios

An upbeat merengue "The Kiss" has a fantastic melody with exciting arrangements and pristine performance. With the vibrant energy of a sparkling new generation, David Alvarez offers irresistible song with the infectious sounds of the Caribbean rippling through it.

Tumi Album Son Demasiado
Cuatro Palabras
Juego de Manos and David Alvarez
Federico Baena

A slow beat sad ballad track.With the vibrant energy of a sparkling new generation of Cuban musicians David Alvarez and Juego de Manos offer irresistible songs to listen and to dance to with the infectious sounds of the Caribbean rippling through them.

Tumi Album Pido
Llegó Danae
Danae feat. Guajiro Miraball
Pedro Jesus Diaz Ramirez

A fast tempo track, mixing Cuban and Colombian dance floor Salsa rhythms. Andy Gola & Cole Cole take influences from majestic bands as diverse as Los Van Van and Grupo Niche, Cole Cole's music serves an exotic cocktail of new salsa dance music

Partytime, upbeat sound,spicy rhythm, lively,lots percussion, bongos, horns, female vocals, with a modern sound

Tumi Album Tambor en el Alma
Canción al Mejor
Jovenes Clasicos Del Son feat. Chucho Valdes and Nene
Sergio Lago

A song dedicated to Benny More and with Chucho Valdez on piano,Jovenes Clasicos del son and the voice of "Nene".

An homage to the legendary Cuban artist Benny More, the 'King of the bolero' and a master of the son genre.

"Your song inspires feeling, your voice blends with the wind, making your music eternal?"

Maestro Chucho Valdes stars as guest piano player, giving this track a great 50s feeling.

Tumi Album Breathe
Una Vaca y una Foca
Manuel A. Rodríguez, Descemer Bueno and Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

Prelude: Short Piece toddler playing mid-tempo song ... using guitar, voice and sound environments child

2. A cow and a seal: Children's Song. Mean time, as a kind of bossa nova. Using guitar, drums, bass, fender rhodes, congas, pandeiro, harmonica and vocals ... tells the story of two animals that live in two different elements such as water and earth ... in this case a cow and a seal who fall in love and try to find a possible place where you can love ... in this song were in the dream of a child who had these two animals as pets and slept with them ... made them inseparable pair ... also speaks of how one must be consistent with what you want and feel ownership of the universe that is open to all and where ever, even a little, there will be a light where you can be happy now.

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