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Tumi Album Clandestino
David Alvarez
David Alvarez Garrido

Trovador (Troubadour) tells a deceptively simple tale, about not being judged by appearances. It marks a moment in 1995 when Alvarez found himself singing in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with his accompanying musicians where they were almost denied their place to perform. Sanity prevailed as this song bears witness!

I am the minstrel

World's best paid

With dress shoes

And watch again,

My face is well made shirt

From fine point,

My best leather belt holder.

I charge nearly a million each song,

My car is wide sole, scallops,

I live in a big mansion,

Bordering a lake of tears

Degusto the best

The best wine.

Pay me with that laugh Trovador

Pay me with that tear tangled

Pay me with applause cesarean

With this song I stop love.

I am the highest paid who sings,

Someone sitting with my singing is what I want

I'm a man of the heap that rises

I am a simple troubadour

Dress beggar.

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