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Tumi Album Soneros de Siempre
Quién te dijo
Feverson feat. Annis M. Batista González
Juan Carlos Santaelena and Martha R.Milanes F.

(Who told you?)

Who told you that my love is lost

Who told you that my soul was extinguished

I do not understand why you say things

I confess that breaks your reason

Who told you I cannot fall in love

Do not kid yourself that I have heart

Sensations and tenderness to give

Think well please do not confuse

Who told you i told you i told you

That time I delete my feelings

if your only desire is to hurt me, I want your forgiveness

for having caused you so much pain

Who told you i told you i told you

You want my love and I forgot

If I made you suffer so much that was not my intention

I feel sorry that you save much rancour

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