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Tumi Album Soneros de Siempre
Tírale con todo
Feverson feat. Clauber Hernández Milán
Juan Carlos Santelena, Jorge Cortiza Gonzalez and Alfredo Batista Robles

A fast tempo Timba and Salsa tune, often used in the dance" Casino", where dancers change partners in a circle.

(Throw at me everything)

Take the right step

because I am in a hurry

playing this rhythm that

what everyone has enjoyed

With a rich cadence

and grave or contagious

cute and melodious chorus

message that it gets

when they hear that feel

they like and prefer

sing and shout

that is what you want

I want to dance without pain

I'll keep pulling it

let 'to put him candela

nobody can be stopping

because my nothing stops me

If you are enjoying

because my nothing stops me

with my people this Guarachando.

Tirale, toss, toss, pa 'to move the

waist pa 'to move your feet

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