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Tumi Album Tumi Cuba Classics Volume 2: Afro-Cuban
Merceditas Valdes
Public Domain and Traditional

A slow-temp afro- melody. Osain is the owner of all colours. He has only one (right) foot and one (left) arm. He does, however, have two ears: one large ear which hears everything and one small ear which still hears a lot. Hie is a very close friend of Chango. This is the only song in the cd that has other instruments apart from drums. It is a not common song, a rare piece.

The grand dame of Cuban folk and popular music, Merceditas was born in La Havana in1928. She began her career in the Corte Suprema del Arte workshops, then turned to Afro-Cuban material and gave demos for Fernando Ortíz's lectures on African roots. She belonged to the artistic staff of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. This song is dedicated to the African deity Osain, the god of magical and medicinal plants

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