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Tumi Album Bana Congo
M Bonge
Papi Oviedo and Papa Noel feat. Wuta Mayi
Nedule Montswet (Papa Noel)

A medium tempo rhythmic Congolese style Rumba song with Cuban influence - very rhythmic, melodic, sweet and sensual. Percussion, tres, tribal backgrounds, male vocals and female chorus, plenty of instrumental breaks between guitar and tres. Someone's pain will end. Everybody will get it.....I still don't feel fear..

A Cuban Salsa melody, Fast song that says 'I am not giving you anything' because at the moment 'I don't have anything myself anyway

lyrics- witty-you'll get nothing from me

happy, dance, uptempo, fun, exciting, party,horns bass guitar, tres,male vocals.

, performed by two of the Cuba and Congo legends of guitar and Tres: Papa Noel and Papi Oviedo.

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