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Tumi Album Brazil 2016: Bossa Nova, Ballad, Romantic, Bossa
Sergio Augusto
Sérgio Augusto and Sérgio Lima

This is a track by well-known Bossa Nova artist and composer Sérgio Augusto who, since getting his start in legendary Bossa Nova bars such as João Sebastião Bar and Cambridge Bar, for over 40 years has been a member of the "old guard" of São Paulo Bossa Nova, along with names such as Zimbo Trio, Claudette Soares, Paulinho Nogueira, Os Três Moraes, Johnny Alf, Alaíde Costa, and Maricenne Costa. São Paulo Bossa Nova is characterized by its tender, suave vocals, the rhythmic cadence of guitars, and its beautiful melodies.

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