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Tumi Album Breathe
El Fantasma Del Marino
Yusa feat. Descemer Bueno and roberto Carcasses
Elmer Ferrer and Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

The ghost of the sailor: Topic slow tempo. With elements of Rock and Roll, but also used the congas, electric guitars, piano, string section, electric bass, drums and vocals. It's a song about the status of a family in which one of its members is a merchant seaman, and spends much time in the sea. ... And that state of being ghost for lack of manners or absences and how the habit makes always be the same feeling to wait for a guy who does not know how come after so long and at the same time as custom makes everything start over again and again and that feeling will never change ... until one day of waiting something changed and it was the last time I waited .. but many other families with the same situation were used to wait forever.

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