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Tumi Album Breathe
Yusa feat. Descemer Bueno and roberto Carcasses
Roberto Carcass├ęs and Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

News: Theme allegro ma non troppo tempo, with rhythmic elements reminiscent of cuecas Argentine classical motifs, and passes through several states sound ... It's an issue where they are used gay guitar, piano, string section, drums, electric bass . It is a subject who's telling the news of a day in the lives of two people who never met and one of them to the fact of being good about yourself makes you create a whole love story reminiscent of yesterday, the neighborhood the old school where she once loved him and everything around it shines and is perfect ... and as a reflection as it is a sort of awareness of how life is like weaving the destiny and sometimes a forget how to live ... while life is happening there ... and one with it .. over time.

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