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Tumi Album Yusa
Yusa feat. Domingo Candelario and Domingo Candelario Acosta
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa) and Domingo Candelario Acosta

A medium tempo Jazz / Trova. A fabolous improvisation-like tune recorded live, with Yusa and a male vocalist.Chiquichaca: Theme of mid-tempo, which is used alone, guitar, vocals giving the intent of a professional photo shoot where two people pretending to be famous but no more claim than the same game. It is an exquisite corpse is nothing but a kind of poetry where the man and woman writes a line in a verse for the final match and see the real communication with those people who have come together to create because they have found more in common than they thought. It's a social song. Where the daily account of the people of a city. No matter the place

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