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Tumi Album Yusa
Mares de Inocencia
Yusa feat. Oliver Valdez
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

A slow tempo Jazz / Trova. Seas of innocence theme slow piano, cello, sax and vocals. Use a little chord structure and the Brazilian state. It's an issue that youth be made eternally adolescent love that is being done where adult and begins to feel that their needs are different and love to those idyllic setting, where even the other knows that there is someone near you is love with her. In this case, this or this girl expects the other person realizing just because she has in mind ... and where they also function aspects of racial prejudice that still exist for a purely cultural. An issue where some people begin to notice after many years that part of society sees different, being more difficult still when even his own family is multi racial and never before experienced such discrimination. It is a hymn to the freedom to choose what they really want with a touch naive.

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