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Tumi Album Yusa
Todo o Casi Nada
Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

A medium tempo Jazz / Trova. All or nothing: the theme of mid-tempo, guitar, fender rhodes, bass and drums. Waltz genres are used and mixed Afro-Cuban rhythms and evolved by the passage of time and new generations that assume past trends as developing their own music ... that of his century, in this case the twenty-first century. This theme that speaks of love for all the arts together and as each finds a common bond to express themselves from the use of the tool that each brings art, for example, painting with hands and eyes ... and his dance moves , music and sounds ... and so on. It is all the wonder of human sensitivity to stimuli that causes calls on artists artwork.

9. In every corner: A mid-tempo theme. Toolkit, which uses the guitar, fender rhodes, drums and bass. A cool theme, can work for summer days where all the villagers are on the street. Some play basketball, kids riding bikes, other runners, some on the beach, in short, a movement in the neighborhood, alive and joyful spirit.

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