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Tumi Album Breathe
Una Vaca y una Foca
Manuel A. Rodríguez, Descemer Bueno and Yusimil Bridon Lopez (Yusa)

Prelude: Short Piece toddler playing mid-tempo song ... using guitar, voice and sound environments child

2. A cow and a seal: Children's Song. Mean time, as a kind of bossa nova. Using guitar, drums, bass, fender rhodes, congas, pandeiro, harmonica and vocals ... tells the story of two animals that live in two different elements such as water and earth ... in this case a cow and a seal who fall in love and try to find a possible place where you can love ... in this song were in the dream of a child who had these two animals as pets and slept with them ... made them inseparable pair ... also speaks of how one must be consistent with what you want and feel ownership of the universe that is open to all and where ever, even a little, there will be a light where you can be happy now.

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